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Supporting Parents to Raise Happy and Successful Young People

Without effective parental support, young people find it very difficult to develop early learning skills and competencies. Young people with most needs often come from families where parents have little understanding of the education, employment and training systems and structures.

Our supporting parents programmes improve the awareness and understanding of child development, support and the education and employment opportunities for parents to support their children effectively.

Supporting Parents to Raise Happy and Successful Young People
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Young People Parents Intervention Project

Enabling Parents To Give Children The Best Possible Outcomes

We run two programmes focused on parents from racially and socially disadvantaged backgrounds to support and guide their children to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC)

PATRA’s Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) parents’ engagement workshop is a violence prevention parent education program.
Groups of parents, within a culturally competent and supportive environment, are facilitated to explore the building blocks of a successful and violent free community; factors influencing behaviour; cycles of life – ethnic, cultural, family and spiritual roots; rites of passages; power, control and pride; circle of support, creating a protective environment, anger management and discipline; and family rule discussions and managing conflicts.
This is a community oriented positive parenting support program that is designed with the required flexibility to cater for the needs of varying community groups with differing characteristics. The trained facilitators also have extensive experiences of community work and adult learning, to ensure the sessions are participant led and engaging.
The two-hour-long free adult only workshop is run on a cohort basis and registrations are open throughout the year.

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Parental Engagement and Knowledge Development Sessions

Parents play a significant role in narrowing social gaps by providing timely, relevant and suitable support. However, many parents lack understanding of the UK education and employment systems making it difficult for them to support the young people in accessing skills, work and other opportunities available to them. We organised awareness raising, knowledge sharing, information dissemination, among other events and activities aimed at improving the parents' understanding of the UK school system, its curriculum, pedagogical practices, and ways of addressing issues such as parents’ low-self efficacy levels due to language proficiency inadequacies and self belief.

We help parents to understand the significance of their participation in improving the education, job outcomes of their children and how they can positively act in making this happen.

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Improve Your Life and That of Your Child Today

We also provide 1-1 or small parents group support sessions in multiple languages, with translations, and with a variety of cultural and social backgrounds.

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