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About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

Providing Tailored Support for Young People Seeking Jobs

We understand that many young people experience multiple and complex barriers hindering them from accessing rewarding employment. Our experienced team provides tailored support to young people seeking work based on their personal needs and circumstances.

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About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

Personalised Job Support
For Young People

PATRA works with the young person to understand their unique personal needs and develops a tailored holistic support to support their job search and entry prospects.

Personal Strength

We identify and build on a young person's strengths and capacity.

Personal Needs

Needs of the young person are identified and solutions provided.

Holistic Support

We provide holistic support targeted at the needs to build on the strengths.

Job Guarantee

All learners get work placement to build their on-job skills and capabilities.

What We Do For Young People

Job Placement Support Today!

PATRA works with young people in determining what they need to succeed at work. This includes guided job search, training, mentoring, 1-1 and group support and online learning while at work or at home. We provide job search, CV building, covering letter creation, responding to job adverts, confidence building for job interviews, and mentoring sessions to facilitate further self-discovery, confidence building and competence at work and career development

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