Recruit, Diversify, and Retain Workforce

Recruit, Diversify, and Retain Workforce

We support businesses to access, recruit, and retain young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds to their workforce. This enables them to spend more time and resources undertaking their core work instead of continually recruiting and finding ways to retain their staff.

This ensures that your business becomes actively involved in making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the UK workplace achievable while making your organisation more innovative, creative and achieve better results.

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How the process works

  • Role Identification

    Determine the role you wish to fill and outline the details of a suitable candidate.

  • Candidate Identification

    Work with our employment and training team to identify a suitable candidate to fill this position.

  • Training and Development

    Candidate is placed with you and specific areas training, support, and mentoring identified and support provided to enhance productivity and retention of this new employee.

  • Progression support

    You work with PATRA team in supporting the candidate to progress with the role through career progression development programmes.

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